March 07

With this release the product really fleshed out.  Liz Vernon did a stellar job on the digital gallery and Josh Agerstrand rocked the cd face design using art from Peter Overman.  Music contributions from The Grand Canyons, Mark Leadon, The Humbell, Chum Much, Gettysburg, and Holy Rosery.  Poetry from Erin Belieu, James Kimbrell, Keith Rodgers, Rick Campbell, and Kim Addonizio.  The digital gallery featured Marisa Yow, Daniel Allen, Ben Pannell, Bill Humpheries, and work from the Allen Roberson presentation Bike Power.
This was released with support from several Tallahassee organizations; FC2, 621 Gallery, V89, and CPE.  Working on the V89 promo with Dave Morris, aka Hearty White, was a real treat.  Dave has a lot of experience and brings a terrific attitude to his work.  The true supporters of creativity stand out through their attitude. 


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