January 2008

This issue was sold to benefit Brehon Institute, a Tallahassee non-profit assisting homeless women through pregnancy.  I was very pleased to help them and certainly wish I could have supported them more.  The music content includes Soft Targets, The Intoxicators!, Blue Moon, Dead Legs, Cold Water Army, Jaminy Sweets, and Oenyaw.  Poetry is written by Chad Sweeney, Sandy Longhorn, and Michael Mejia.  The digital gallery features John Parker, Valerie Goodwin, Brad Williams, Holly Hanessian, and Joe Fisher.  
My favorite thing about releasing this issue was the series of shows put together to promote The Fertile and Brehon.  Tallahassee musicians from across genres performed at 621 Gallery, Club Down Under, and The Warehouse, drawing in hundreds of people.  I love putting together a good show.        


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